How fresh are your products? 

Your order is fresh roasted at the time of purchase, never before, ensuring maximum freshness. 
When will I receive my order? 
2 - 3 days from the time you order and payment is received, as we ship USPS Priority Mail
Will I get my order in time for the Holiday? 
Holidays are busy for us all, but we still try for the 2 - 3 days from the time you order and payment is received. Consider calling us, or emailing for quick confirmation! 
How should I store my products? 
In order to maintain maximum freshness, Almonds and Pecans should be refrigerated or frozen. Cashews do not require refrigeration, however protect all nuts from heat & air. (sealed container in cool area). 
How long will my products stay fresh? 
Almonds and Pecans will keep well for a few months when refrigerated or frozen. Cashews are also best when used within a few months. 
Can I Pay With My Check? 
Yes, checks or money orders are fine, just mail it with your order! 
Credit Card Payments? 
Yes, please be sure to use YOUR own card. This avoids problems from others. 
Are there any other ways to purchase your products? 
Yes! We roast onsite at several high-end antique, craft, and food shows across New York state. (see event page). We have a store for local customers, you may call us and order, or just stop by! 
Do you service large volume customers? 
Yes! We welcome orders from restaurants, high end taverns, commercial customers (gifts), and weddings... or groups of any kind!

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